-Dragon Deity Created Boccob and Geldin *Boccob lives a prosperous, but extremely unmodest life, living as the most powerful being in the world, under his Dragon Father of course. *A large hatred arises, Geldin being the younger underdog *Geldin studied the Dragonkin Abilities that his father possessed, to intellectually surpass his brother. *After Geldin kills his older brother, he beweds his wife, and Boccob’s son, Beckieng, is banished. *Geldin then creates human life, using the very magic which created him, bearing the human race. *Promising the world a favor after realizing the enormous power behind the Dragonkin Knowledge, Geldin destroys the ancient scrolls and abolishes all knowings of its existence. Only Beckieng was left to rumor of its presence.

This story is the main belief of all human regions. Elves and Orcs completely differ from this story, considering that they were now spawned of the Dragon nor the brothers. They believe that they were spawned from the earth.

  • Ern
    1. The ruins of the ancient city of Calimstorm: Once a great crossroad of ancient science and culture, was said to have been wiped out by the Dragonkin. Its destruction was a result of its rapid rise to power, and the Dragonkins fear of . It is said to be ruled and enhabbited by the direct decedents of Geldud himself.
  • Urdanon
    1. The water-port or Sentari. Sentari, a city now ruled by the humans, is a water port that was previously inhabited by elves for hundreds of years. With the conquest of the city by the humans, the rules and regulations established by the elves were found favorable. This lead to the strict Sentarian Government that is now established there today. The civilians are quite primitive, having the knowledge of the world exposed to the people of the throne.
  • Gur’rak
  • Boccob
    1. Beckieng
    2. Geldunce

+ Dragon guards mountain, mountain is rumored to have have lots of treasure, dragonkin secrets, wishes, and the fruit of knowledge from the garden of Eaden.

+ Dragon has slain many, believe to be a demon, and its blood has magical properties.